I am so happy that DC have brought back He-man!  After-all who from my generation and possibly even generations before ours don’t like He-man?! For those of you who are familiar with my comic-reviews, and even for those who know me personally, you will know that i’m a sucker for nostalgia, and He-man and his fantastical universe is one of those things that have stuck with me from childhood onwards. Anyway I could talk all day and write all night about what He-man and the masters of the universe and many other things truly means to me, -if you do wanna read about it then feel free to ask me and I would be happy to write a piece all about it!- But you are here now because you wanna read about issue 2 in this exciting new comic-event, so here it is…

As you can see from the front cover our hero is being bombarded by bad-guys! And this is in fact very true to this issue, if you have read this comic from issue 1 you would already know that Eternos has been brutally attacked, and is close to being wiped off the fantasy-map completely by Adora and her army of drones! So on the brink of extinction it’s guardians and masters must step up to protect their world and all it’s inhabitants. DC have clearly made the effort to keep everything about He-man and the masters of the universe authentic and classic in every-way possible, and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for it! From the outfits, weapons and colours to the minor details and places, castle grayskull is still as haunting as it always was! And it is from the castle that He-man and the gang discuss the why’s, the where’s and the how’s regarding Adora, and the apparent myth turned reality behind the attacks known as “HORDAK!” This plot-line is basically magic VS science! A concept that will never get old. My favourite line in this issue is from the king, when he arrives at the castle to discuss the disasters and destruction with the rest of the masters, and describes the evil as “a science-based variant on our own shift conjuries.”…Simply brilliant.

He-mans green-beast of a tiger jumps in as he fights with Adora, and he lets him savagely attack her to hold her back! As you can imagine Adora -who is lucky to be alive!- is p*$#!d off and has been left with a nasty scar across her face, and so she is hellbent on getting revenge on He-man and his beast, in her own words; “for this affront I will grind his bones to dust and force-feed him to his beast!“… I predict that we will be seeing alot more of Adora!

he man #2

I am very impressed with the whole script and writing by Keith Giffen, he is clearly a veteran in his craft, and I admire his work greatly from what I have read so far. The lettering is fluent and blends well with the rest of the comic throughout this issue although I would love to see some much bigger and bolder sound effects, I think He-man and the gang deserve to have them considering their strength and powers! As I’ve already said, I love the fact that the colours by Kathryn Layno have been kept true to their roots, and even the way she has used the colours to set the mood throughout the comic, is very effective, they give the brilliant art-work by Pop Mhan even more depth and clarity.


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