I was recently gazing down on some cosplay plans from a friend. He wanted to cosplay as “Guts” from “Berserk”.  Perfectly reasonable, Guts is a pretty bad-arse character, big sword lots of stabbing.

However it really pinched my interest to see that he was actually intending to cut himself to try and achieve a more authentic look. Now to me that spells disaster, as reporters show more interest into the cosplay culture they will find more things like this happening.

This could potentially make people who don’t understand cosplay think that it’s some kind of mad cult where all the members cut themselves.  Of course, lack of understanding often leads to fear.

I think that cutting yourself for the sake of a costume is pretty downright stupid.
The guy is really nice and I mean no offence in this article to anyone who reads it, but is there not a limit to what should be done for a cosplay?