How to prepare your books for submissions for the prestigious Signature Series at a show


We have prepared a list of steps you can take in advance of a signing event if you plan to drop books off for Signature Series submission. Books that are prepared in advance make it out for signings faster than those that are dropped off in regular bags and boards that need to then be prepped as follows:


Step 1:

Take a mylar or a polybag (make sure you have a backing board inside so you don’t cut all the way thru the bag or mylar) with a backing board inside. VERY IMPORTANT (and kind of obvious): DO NOT PUT YOUR COMIC IN THE SLEEVE UNTIL AFTER STEP 5!!!!


Step 2:

Decide what part of the cover you want the book signed on. Take a sharpie marker and draw a box on the bag or mylar OR take masking tape and carefully make a box on the cover using the masking tape.


Step 3:

Take a box cutter, X-acto knife or utility blade and carefully cut the inner part of the square you made with the sharpie marker or with the masking tape.

Note: if using tape, please make sure that there is no sticky residue on the edges of the tape after you have cut out the signing area box.


Step 4:

On the reverse side of the backing board please write the following:

1.Your name.

2.Your book title and issue number

3.The name of the creator you would like to sign the book – if more than one please write in ORDER OF PREFERENCE/PRIORITY – most desired #1


Step 5:

Place the comic into the bag or mylar with the signing area cut out.


Step 6:

Place the comic in the bag/mylar with the signing area cut out into a slightly larger bag or sleeve for safety during transport. If you so desire, place a second backing board in front of the comic, between the comic and the mylar/polybag with the hole cut out.

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When making the cutout for the signature placement do not cut the bag or backing board with the book in place. This is a no-no on many levels. You may think your book is safe with a backing board protecting it while you cut the window in the bag but it is not. At the very least it will create an indent or NCBC in the book where pressure is applied by the cutting blade. Worst case is a slip and you have a cut in your book. Cut out all the windows before placing the book in the bag.


Create a template to make window boxes and use that to keep things uniform. Personally I triple board all SS books and then put the bag into a top loader for added protection. All the artists or facilitator has to do is pull the book out of the top loader, sign it and then place it back in the loader when the ink dries.