We can across this post and thought that it would be good to share this for you small press or anyone new and thinking booking a a table at a convention. The article was written by Richy K. Chandler and is aptly entitled:

“Learn from my wisdom/mistakes! 14 tips for creators selling at MCM Expo (and other shows)”



Book your table as soon as possible.  These events are often booked out months before showtime.
Plan ahead what stock you will need.  Allow yourself enough weeks / months to complete new products and promotional material and to get them printed.  (Printers often get busy near to big shows).
Nearer the time, make sure you know you’ve got your travel plans / journey time sussed.


What you need to prepare / take?
It might be a little bit like this…

  • Stock to sell
  • Display stands
  • Promotional banners
  • Table cloth(s)
  • Price labels
  • Posher Business cards to give to prospective clients (also having a portfolio handy might be good)
  • Cheaper business cards / flyers for anyone to take
  • Blu Tack, masking tape, sellotape, safety pins, scrap paper, pens for making notes, last minute price labels etc. – all sorts of issues could come up!
  • Drawing paper and materials (If you do portraits / commissions)
  • Clothes (What to wear?  What to wear?)
  • Snacks / Lunch
  • Water
  • Charge up phone / camera
  • Train / Helicopter tickets
  • Lots of change.  Fivers and pound coins seem especially useful to me.
  • Proof of Registration / Pass!!!!
  • Price / Stock List (see below)


Save a copy of your list of product prices, to tweak and print out at every show.  Then make a note every time you sell something.
Record how much money you have at the start of each day (whether you’re keeping it in a tin, wallet, cash box or Lilo & Stitch purse) and check that everything tallies up at the end of the day.
Before the show, make a note of how many of each product you have brought with you (so you can check if any have gone missing at the end).  Note down all that you sell (and swap)!
Make sure the list is easy to read and understandable. Then if you have to leave your table, a helpful neighbour will have no problems understanding it and selling things on your behalf.

The rest can be found here