With anticipation building for the release of Avengers-2 and Thanos making his first appearance on the big screen, this is the big Marvel event that you’ve all been waiting for. With a story that is certainly cashing in on the success of the Avenger’s movies, you will be paying an extra dollar or the equivalent of it; but you won’t mind as this is basically 3 comics (or more) rolled into one; and with a story of this magnitude that extra cost will be wiped from your memory as soon as you get involved in the captivating plot.

INFINITY is broken down into chapters which I will discuss with you now. The first part of the comic titled “the tribute” is just that, its purpose being to show you how powerful Thanos -and his armies- really is. The horrific genetically engineered parasite-assassins, a new breed of alien called the “Outriders” act as servants for the almighty Thanos, doing his bidding without question as they have been programmed to do. A nasty intergalactic warrior named Corvus Glaive is “the destroyer’s” first lieutenant, and proves that they are not messing around by defeating the champion of a rival alien-race on Ahl-Agullo before returning to Titan with a disturbing “tribute” for their master. The outrider who is carrying out his given task has gone to Earth in search of the next tribute, of which we can only guess at this stage in the game. “Constructing apocalypse”, is all about the beginning of the end of the planet Galador, 60,000 light-years away. And then we have “Orbital” which is a brief look at Captain America and Hawkeye who have been called upon to detain some Skrulls-a pivotal part of the story which is clearly going to lead to much bigger events-. “What was hidden, now uncovered” takes you to Attilan; home of the Inhumans. An Outrider is infiltrating Attilan looking for information, and gathering secrets from Black-Bolt as he sleeps. “Outbound” basically sums up this first part to the sci-fi epic, Marvel event! Bringing us right back round to Thanos himself, and he has his eye on a much bigger prize (he is clearly not satisfied with bringing on the extinction of just one race in a day…).



Jonathan Hickman was the best choice to take the reigns; with his intricate style of writing which pays homage to the villain who is on everyone’s lips he opens this event with a BANG! It is an introduction of all things Marvel into a plot that revolves solely around Thanos; the suspense is built up progressively through this extra-long issue and the combination of a complex script and fresh art-work make for timing very similar to that of a George Lucas movie. Black-Bolt and the Inhumans are made to fit snugly into the plot-line as are the Avengers and the Illuminati. Art by Jim Cheung sets the dark tone of the future-is-doomed story in a way unlike that of the dull and gloom of the recent Age of Ultron saga; the colours make it clear to us that there is certainly something to fear but at the same time there is something new and exciting to read about as well (This is not your run of the mill apocalyptic-comic)! The cover art is particularly appealing as it relates to the contents of the comic on a cosmic level! Quite simply voicing the fact that this is 1. A MAJOR MARVEL EVENT. 2. A SCI-FI EPIC TO REMEMBER. And; 3.Yeah you guessed it… THANOS THE DESTROYER’S ‘TIME TO SHINE!’ The SFX and lettering is bold and colourful and help this event to stand out above all others in the Marvel universe at present and it is a journey that I for one am eager to embark upon.

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

Art by: Jim Cheung                  Written by: Jonathan Hickman

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