INFINITY: PART THREE OF SIX                           “KINGDOMS FALL”

As the righteous emerge from the looming darkness, cast by the destroyers monstrous shadow…

The forces of good are beginning to regain control of the universe after the hardships they had to face, in the what seemed to be hopeless attempts they made to warn off the Black Order in part two of INFINITY. There is a sequence of panels, where Starbrand shows us yet again just what he is capable of; this powerfully symbolic moment in which we find ourselves raising a fist in comradeship to show whos side we are on, is followed by a discreet panel with a bold statement, which reads, “this is where the heavens turned”. There is not one Marvel super hero who isn’t rigorously fighting for everything they believe in at this stage of the game, Thanos has truly forced the hand of the virtuous to breaking point, and you can definitely expect an almighty bitch slap in return, in this explosive issue!

infinity #3

Jonathan Hickman has marked the halfway point with a fierce determination, to show us why this is one of the biggest events in Marvel comics, now; and possibly even in the history of the shiniest comic-book publisher around. Hickman has applied his ability to write an epic tale, and used part three as a platform to dot the i’s and get the ball rolling in the right direction. As the righteous emerge from the looming darkness, cast by the destroyers monstrous shadow; artists, Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver continue to make the art work jump off the page in the space opera that is INFINITY; you can expect plenty of bright lights and explosions, earth trembling SFX, and expert timing, as the comic ties together in this pivotal chapter. Thanos speaks with the voice of a Greek god, who is laying down the law of the ages before all those beneath him. Just what will the outcome be? Who knows, but what is certain is that this comic series will only get bigger and better as we get closer to the finale; part three has made that very clear…

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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