INFINITY: PART TWO OF SIX                                    “FALL”

The star fleets are in flight and the marvel heroes are out in full force; as the intergalactic threat that is Thanos is out for blood and gore by the bucket and gorge-full!

INFINITY stays true to the form of its powerful predecessor -part one in the saga- by following the same chapter based lay-out. Ultimately, there is so much going on, the comic needs this break down of parts to avoid any confusion; and basically ensure that the whole thing runs smoothly.

The grip that Thanos has got around the worlds at stake is becoming tighter by the page, Dr Strange has fallen prey to the Ebony Maw, Atlantis has been over-thrown and I quote; “Earth fell quickly to the Black Order of Thanos”. Corvus Glaive has strolled into Black Bolts kingdom, and as he sits, seething on his throne, he is given a decision to make by the lord of the rings inspired servant of death, one of which he nor his wife Medusa or the Inhumans are willing to entertain; but we soon learn that there is a lot more to the destroyers unspeakable tactics than he is letting on, as part four of this issue is titled, is it all just “A convenient lie”?

Jonathon Hickman has continued to write this plot to the highest quality, and even though it all revolves around the almighty villain himself, Hickman has brought forth a Star Wars sense of perspective, as we mostly see the heroes, strategically planning their attacks in order to defeat the already reigning dark side. Of course you will get to see some space opera style battling involving the Avengers along the way, but this steadily paced issue is mostly a build up towards much bigger things, that being said it is also an all important edition in itself; bringing a clear air of anxiety and an undiluted fear of the unknown, nothing is certain, and the universes mightiest must fight harder than ever to overcome such an impenetrable force.

infinity #2

Art-work this sublime should be in the National gallery. The colours/ink by Justin Ponsor are bright and explosive where they need to be creating the right mood for each scene brilliantly; and the joint effort from acclaimed comic artists, Jerome Opeña and Dustin Weaver offer up some of the best character work, not just in Marvel comics but in illustrations from around the globe in general. The cover work, by Adam Kubert and Laura Martin; is explanatory of the comics contents, and each comic in this series has a single colour to represent itself on the surface; this is a creative way to define INFINITY as the unique comic event that it is, and I hope you all enjoy this sci-fi spectacle as much as I do.

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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