Hello you crazy kids, just a courtesy message to let you all know I’ve joined the incredibly talented team of writers here! (woo.)

So you know we are not a bunch of robots, we take the time to give ourselves a bit of an image. So here’s a few facts about me: I’m the youngest Jedi Master in the UK and when I originally joined I was the youngest in the world (that might still be the case).

I’m also one of the youngest lords of England, in 2011 I released my first novel (Graceful Insanity) I’m a bit of a gaming fanatic and have appeared on several gaming related programs, including the Nexus. But I’m also a comic lover and, obviously, a Star Wars fanboy.

My work can be found dotted around the internet; you should google me – Custard Trout

Who to look for: If you want to tell me how brilliant I am (beat me with a stick) look out for a guy in a red trench coat with long hair and a trout tie, that’s me. I hope.

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