This is a comic event that has accumulated more intrigue than it has excitement. Millar and Quitely have taken a new and daring route into the world of super-heroes by creating tales which have been shaped by shakespearian tragedy and greek mythology… The question on everyone’s lips is, “will the finished product be as epic as it’s theme?”

It seems to me to be a slow start, but this may be a clever use of suspensful build up on Millar’s part, he is after all an acclaimed comic-book writer. And to squash all these misconcepted comparison’s to the man of steel, any similarities to superman and his stories are simply skin-deep. Jupiter’s legacy is in a league of it’s own just as much as other works from Millar. Now that we’ve cleared that up we can crack on with reviewing #2 in the saga.

jupiter's legacy #2

The cover art on this particular copy is stunning, as super-villain Hutch is sat laid back in the pub surrounded by unconscious customers the power rod is clearly a massive part of the story as it rests in an empty beer glass, it is also the focal point of the comics-cover. The dialogue balloons are definitely a unique touch as their pointers stretch that bit further than the usual which is actually very pleasing to the eye, it goes to show just how important the little things really are! The Utopian’s teen super-hero kids are deeply troubled, and in this issue you will see just to what extent. I’m not going to give anything away as it is all well worth the read. The lack of sfx is a shame as the epic-quality of the storyline does kind of call out for some loud lettering, then again there are other scenes where the silence is deafening, after all no one can hear you scream deep beneath the surface of the ocean when you’re being ripped apart by great white sharks!

Frank Quitely is a fantastic artist but his art is of an aquired taste. He expresses Millar’s vision in a barely passable fashion, and I believe this is due to his characters lacking the depth and brilliance that they deserve in a comic of this magnitude.

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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