Well its Wednesday now and in 2 days we will be at LFCC, honestly not that excited. Maybe it has something to do with my impending trip to San Diego. It seems someone must have the fly swat out as the comic creators seem to be dropping like flies. Yes before you try and troll me, artists and creators do cancel, we all know this, but were is plan B.


To me it feels like they are trying to compete with LSCC but you cant with comic creators. They had a massive assortment of comic creators this year and are by far the largest collection of comic creators in the UK at any one point.

Until now us comic lovers never had a decent comic convention. Organisers deemed it not worth while, you cant charge for their signature, you cant charge for their sketches, so in essence you don’t make any money from them apart from the admission fee. With LSCC rearing up and showing them how to run an event filled with just comic creators, both Showmasters and MCM Comic Con (yeah right comic con wont go on about that) have tried to jump on the comic scene with dismal results. We touched on the subject of Neil Adams coming back again, we still question the decision.

Ask yourself this question…Who in the comic creators section at LFCC has you scrambling around trying to pick your best and favourite comics to get signed? At San Diego I have a problem, Brian M Bendis is there, what the hell do I get signed by him, that is a dilemma that every comic convention should put you in. Not one that you don’t actually bring any comics to get signed to.

What LSCC has done is bring names over that we have never met, not reusing the same old names that we can see month in month out at other events. We have a great relation with LSCC and have numerous chats, well it is actually me trying to extract information. I know that their core principle is to mix it up. We saw new names being added to 2013, with some regulars coming back, next year the new names might take the regulars place, the regulars have a rest and some more new names come in. So the circle is complete and we don’t get bored with the same names month in month out.

DICE this year have Scott Synder, Scott is a great guy and has appeared at Kapow last year, with him being very hot at the moment it is a perfect name.

With LFCCs budget and the fact that they can get names, and big names from the film and TV world, why cant they entice big names from the world of comics. Maybe they spent all their budget on Neil Adams, not forgetting we saw him last in February of this year.

So there are my thoughts concerning the mildly amusing attempt to compete in the comic creator convention scene.