JUSTICE LEAGUE #19 “WAR GAMES”. Following the sad and shocking death of Damian Wayne, this issue of justice league starts off inside the bat-cave with a distraught Alfred who has Red Robin’s (Jason Todd’s) shoulder to cry on, that’s until Jason is taken down by what looks like an extremely high voltage taser gun, and Alfred is thrown through a glass costume case! The ninja-like intruder, -who is able to access things in the bat-cave as though he was Bruce Wayne himself!- has no fear of the bat and is there for one thing only; with the soul intention to take down superman, with the help of something stored in the Bat-cave?!… possibly kryptonite? We will see, this is an all important issue and one that will leave you asking all sorts of questions, as does the fantastic front page pull out which asks us “who is killing superman?!… batman?! On the flip-side we have some great panels involving firestorm and atom, who are -from what I can tell- at headquarters waiting to officially become members of the justice league. Superman and Wonder-woman are still in love and having their fling, which in their books is saving a bunch of hostages, which is great other than the fact that they are doing it in a country where it is apparently deemed as politically in-correct, due to accusations made against the justice league and therefore made against America! So things are getting political for the heroes, that and, oh yeah, DESPERO is back!

Now the great thing about these installments of the JLA is that we get the new 52! collection of SHAZAM! included in the price, which I have to say, makes for just as good reading as the JLA itself, I found this issue captivating.. now i’m doubly disappointed about having to  wait for #20! A great comic though nonetheless. The channel 52 news, which you can find after SHAZAM! is a very enjoyable and comical way of keeping us up to date with other events going on in the dc universe, and I for one think they should do it in all the new 52! comics…

justice league #19

We have the unstoppable writing force of Geoff Johns, matched incredibly with the pencilling of Ivan Reis. These two, along with the comics other extremely talented creators have continued to give us what we want in regards to story and art and all in between. I have to give special credit to Nick J. Napolitano for his skills as letterer, as his creativity continues to impress me, you simply have to see his work for yourself to understand how good he really is at his job, from font to speech bubbles to sfx! The panels and art work have a very modern up-to-date look and feel, which I think works for the new 52’s! And the minds behind the  justice league have done each and every member of the said team justice. It’s always a pleasure to read such well interpreted works.


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(Thanks to A place in space for the great comic, that came with it’s own comic bag and board too!)

Geoff Johns                Ivan Reis

Rod reis                      Nick  J.Napolitano

Joe Prado                   Oclair Albert

Jonathan Glapion

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