This much anticipated issue is another all important piece in the current DC puzzle. Previously an unknown stealthy ninja-like intruder got into the batcave, took down red robin and Alfred before stealing kryptonite from a superman embossed case, leaving us all wondering why Bruce would be keeping this in the bat-cave along with a box for each of the Justice League member’s too?! -To read a full review on the last issue, which was one of the best so far might I add! Then follow this link:-


Issue 20 doesn’t have the same impact regarding art-work in my opinion, although this could have something to do with there being 3 different pencillers, 3 different inkers and 2 working on colours too… possibly too many cooks in this case?… I grew accustomed to the slick styling’s of Ivan and Rod Reis who sadly did not contribute to this issue -other than the cover-work which is phenomenal!-, but that being said the artists involved have worked hard to give us something vibrant and maybe just a little bit different. You can find links to this comic’s creator’s at the bottom of the page. Regardless of my personal differences and obvious-comparisons between comics… questions have been answered, and Batman’s secrets have been revealed! And nothing has taken away the energy currently surrounding the league and the plot-lines behind them. Without giving anything away we are left with more interesting shifts in this on-going story to think about, and I applaud writer Geoff John’s, who of course, is already so well known for his deeply intriguing story-lines at DC.

justice league #20 mid shot

Firestorm, the Atom and Element woman are new to the Justice League and instead of being greeted by the likes of Superman and Batman at their “induction ceremony”, they find themselves in battle with the big and ugly intergalactic-monster named Despero! They do surprisingly well at holding him off considering Despero’s Hulk-like strength and sheer forcefulness, we are certainly shown why these 3 were chosen to be members of the League in the first place. J’onn J’onzz -the last of the manhunters from mars!- makes a dramatic appearance and intervenes, to break Despero once and for all, these 2 enemies have got a lot of history and a lot of reasons to hurt each-other and there battle is the highlight of the comic for me, when Despero uses his mind-blowing mental abilities to drag the manhunter back to mars to finish him off, I am shown just why this old-school approach to the artistry actually does work! When on the red-planet, everything is inked in red to further intensify the mood of the violent scene, but just when you think Despero has bone-crushingly annihilated the manhunter, he is overpowered and left in a coma for the Justice league to deal with. There is an unexpected twist at the end which I won’t spoil for you of course, but I will say that it further ties this plot together with other current DC comics.

The timing is expertly executed thanks to the whole placement of the characters and panels throughout the pages of #20! And of course the ingenious workings of Geoff Johns help the comic to flow, making for a very enjoyable and intriguing read. The scripting is as good as any other great plot by Johns. The sfx are big and bold which is great as they are expressing such powerful moments, but sadly they look too generic for my liking. Included in this issue of course, is “SHAZAM!” Chapter 12. This really is a gem, and we are privileged to have such a cool comic-short within the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE. Geoff John’s is the writer behind this tale of wizardry and wonder and as for the art all I can say is WOW! The attention to detail is amazing, artist Gary Frank is a friggin’ legend! Combined with scripts by John’s and input from the rest of the creative team “SHAZAM!” is a story to look forward to and to enjoy all in itself, I know I do! And I have to give a special mention to letterer Dezi Sienty for his brilliant sfx, which are 100 times better than those he created for the justice league issue itself. I really don’t have any criticisms to make about SHAZAM! All of it’s creators really have excelled at what they do to bring us a great comic!


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