Well so far the new 52’s from DC’s reinvented range of all of the usual and greatest superheroes who make DC comics what it truly is…fraggin’ fantastic!! Have been just that and so much more in my opinion. I have especially enjoyed the batman range, including the all new detective comics, and also swamp thing. Mainly because these are some of the only ones I have been able to afford, and find time to read so far, amidst my busy schedule as family guy, artist and writer! But I have undoubtedly enjoyed the twisting, exciting and occasionally shocking plotlines being thrown at us at full force from the minds of our much respected creators over at DC, and there is no doubt in my mind that I will  soon accumulate all of the new 52 range of graphic novels to add to my pristine collection!

So, issue 2 of the JLA, is no different as it contains some modern-classic moments, printed and ready to make superhero history. The cover art contains certain heroes making there appearances as members of the justice league, these include Katana, a new look green lantern, who has been recruited following the departure of Hal Jordan, the original lantern who may or may not return. An unlikely new member is catwoman who claims to have quit her criminal lifestyle to do good, and what better way, than to join “the world’s most DANGEROUS super heroes!” As titled on the front cover so fittingly, for such an issue as this one… The comic starts with david finches horrific rendition of the scarecrow… shackled to a chair by yet another all new villain! Now this has got to be the start of yet more twists and turns, that are taking us on a ride similar to that of a large inverted rollercoaster. But I’m up for the ride, aren’t you ?

Over at(A.R.G.U.S)headquarters, a meeting is being held, the president of the USA wants to introduce the justice league of America to the world, with star girl speaking on their behalf. As you read on you will discover that the president needed some persuasion of sorts, before he came to this decision. The JLA has become political, with the presidents full support in bringing justice to the worlds criminals and super villains nonetheless. Also in this part of the story, is yet another interesting plotline concerning the green arrow, who went undercover as the dark hunter to investigate a group of super villains who call themselves the secret society. I don’t want to give everything away but I will say that strange things are happening during the search for the green arrow, and in the investigation of the secret society. And this comic is just more proof that DC have outdone themselves yet again, living up to “the new 52” title.


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Hawkman really made me ‘LOL’ in this issue, as he enters the JLA headquarters covered in blood simply quoting “it’s not my blood“, making vibe feel very uncomfortable as he does so. This was certainly one of the highlights of the comic for me, and I have to say the defining moment in making hawkman one of my new 52 ones to watch from here forth! The SFX in this issue are outstanding, bright and exciting, which is what I expect from DC anyway. There are some clever panels, both panoramic and a couple mis-shaped; spanning out across two pages at a time. Also some silent moments that are very humorous, namingly the one I mentioned above involving hawkman and vibe.

David Finch gives us even more clean-cut comic artistry, setting the mood with precision throughout and keeping the pace moving smoothly, alongside a script by Geoff Johns which draws us evermore into a winding storyline until we beg for more at the end of yet another successful issue. In a nut shell the comics timing, illustrations, lettering, SFX and all other elements work together in perfect harmony to give us another hit in the new 52 series.

By Dylan ”montu” Butcher.

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Sonia Obach     colourist.

Rob Leigh         letterer

Juan Jose RYP  variant cover

Kate Stewart     assistant editor

Brian Cunningham   senior editor.