An announcement from Mark Millar himself over at Millarworld that the Kapow Comic Convention (Kapow 2) will be held at London’s Business Design Centre in Islington again in 2012.

The convention last year was the first real attempt to bring the likes of the SDCC to the shores of old Blighty.  The guests themselves were of a particularly high calibre and the general feel of the convention was that it really did bring a slice of the old US of A over to the UK. In 2012 it will very much be compared to the London Super Comic Con who have already managed to attract some very high calibre individuals to the tables.

Amongst the attendees in 2011 were the likes of John Romita Jr, Chris Hemsworth and Bryan Hitch not to mention some faces from the British comic scene such as Kev O’Neill, Brian Bolland, Dave Gibbons and Simon Bisley.  If they can manage to produce the same quality as they did in 2011, then we are certainly in for another treat.

Stay tuned for more information as and when we find out.

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