Kate will be attending Thought Bubble 2012.

Kate Beaton (born September 8, 1983) is a Canadian webcomic artist. Originally from Mabou, Cape Breton, she has a degree in history and anthropology from Mount Allison University. Beaton began drawing comics for the university newspaper, the Argosy, during her third and fourth years at school. Previously she worked in the maritime museum in Victoria. In 2007, after her friends persuaded her to post her increasing stack of comics online, she began uploading them through katebeaton.com and her LiveJournal. In December of that year she made the first of two popular batches of history comics, each based on twenty requests she accepted from her readers. She moved to her current website, Hark! A Vagrant, in May 2008.

Beaton publishes her webcomic, Hark! A Vagrant, about once a week. Its subjects are usually historical or literary figures. There are also a number of comics where Beaton interacts with her younger self, and ones that were drawn by Beaton using MS Paint during her breaks at work. Beaton’s art style is simple, with great importance given to characters’ facial expressions; her skill at comic pacing has also been noted.
Beaton’s self-published Never Learn Anything About History won the 2009 Doug Wright Award for Best Emerging Talent. Hark! A Vagrant won the 2011 Harvey Award for Best Online Comics Work, having been nominated the previous year, and was also nominated for Joe Shuster Awards in 2009 and 2010. Her work has been profiled in Wired, Macleans, and Comic Book Resources. “The Origin of Man”, a comic strip by Beaton celebrating Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, was showcased by MySpace Dark Horse Presents in March 2009. In June 2009 she released a book titled Never Learn Anything From History. Two of Beaton’s cartoons have been published in The New Yorker. She released her newest book, also titled Hark! A Vagrant, in Fall 2011; it was published by Drawn and Quarterly. Time magazine named it one of the top ten fiction books of the year, with Lev Grossman calling it “the wittiest book of the year.”

Beaton has also contributed to Marvel Comics’s Strange Tales anthology.