Kapow! announces guests


For the last few months, it seems that we have been bleating on about the upcoming London Super Comic Convention and little else besides.  That would of course be due to the presence of the one and only Stan Lee, supported by the likes of Brian Bolland, Howard Chaykin, Mike Deodata Jr, George Perez and Bob Layton (amongst many, many other big names) all confirmed as huge crowd pullers.  Another plus point is the fact the convention focusses solely on comics and not movies, TV and gaming too.

The question that just keeps on getting asked is: How does Kapow! now compete with such a lineup?  Of course, resurrecting Kirby might have been an option, but alas neither Romero or Kirkman are confirmed so it leaves that path dead (pun intended).  Maybe then Steve Ditko?  Might take even more sway than our man Mr Millar himself could muster.  Instead, Millar has gone for a rather large name at Marvel in the form of Joe Quesada.  Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer has decided to grace the shores of the UK as one of the big attractions of the convention earning himself the guest of honour title.  Another excellent draw is none other than the legend behind Spider Jerusalem that is Warren Ellis.  Appearing in a slot dubbed, “An audience with Warren Ellis”, it seems that the lucky few will get the chance to hear some stories from the icon himself and maybe even hear what is currently happening in the world of Ellis.

Other notable inclusions, albeit slightly at odds with the “Kapow! Comic Convention” title, are comedians Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle (the latter a self confessed comics fan).  It’s no secret that Kapow! is as much popular culture as comics though so I guess we can overlook the addition of the Channel 4 and Sun newspaper favourites as the headlining acts and enjoy the rest of the guests, including the likes of Charlie Adlard, Frank Quitely and Dave Gibbons.

One thing though that we wish here at Comic Conventions, was that Mark Millar released more information on the guests in advance.  It’s not that we don’t appreciate the effort behind organising such a monumentous event, but visiting a convention in London is uber expensive and in an age of austerity, people want to plan in advance.  For a London based convention, many will be looking at a credit card bill upwards of £400 for a weekend stay and VIP ticket and that’s not factoring in cost of sketches and merchandise.  Without details on who’s coming and what is going to make it a stand out convention, it makes such planning difficult, especially in the light of the excellent lineups announced very early on at other conventions.  Having said all that, will you see us there?  More than likely!