The organisers of London Film and Comic Con have this week surprised a lot of people with what is without doubt, it’s best comic related line up to date.  No report on this con would miss out the return of the larger-than-life legend, Stan Lee, in what is purportedly his final European appearance.  Although it is reasonably soon after his last appearance, the last one proved that the guy is something special and something of a crowd-puller.  Costs are assured to be high so start saving for them now!

Hidden amongst the announcement, are some other excellent names in the comic world.  Erik Larsen, Rick Remender and Master of Kung-Fu artist Paul Gulacy alone are excellent and different names to those we’ve seen on UK bills over the last couple of years.

Here is the list so far, here’s also hoping for more still to be added:

  • Stan Lee
  • Mike McKone
  • Paul Gulacy
  • Mike Mayhew
  • Erik Larsen
  • Mike Perkins
  • Hunt Emerson
  • Carlos Ezquerra
  • Gilbert Shelton
  • Rick Remender