lscc-banner-bigHow could London Super Comic Convention follow up last year’s VIP pass?  For those who can’t remember, last year saw guests paying to meet comic God, Stan Lee.
The tickets were split into three tiers, the highest allowing you to have a signature, photograph and chance to sit and talk to Stan Lee.

This allowed attendees to ask Stan Lee anything they wanted leading to news, secrets and almost landed Stan in trouble – he tried to tell us his cameo in the new Amazing Spider-Man film, but was promptly shot down.

So, how could they top this? Well the answer is simple…
They can’t.

For £99, plus booking fees attendees can have a drink session with at least 10 of the creators at the event. We know that these will be attending:

  • Jeremy Bastian
  • Carlos Ezquerra
  • Ron Marz
  • Tim Seeley
  • Bill Sienkiewicz

As for the rest, well your guess is as good as ours!
The drinks are not included, and neither is entry to the event.
There is however, a goodie bag to be had too.

The VIP event has seen a bit of criticism so far, but we’ll have to wait for the ticket sales to see if it was successful or not.

We’ve contacted LSCC for details on the goodie bag, until then you can order the VIP tickets here.