LSCC website for 2014 will hopefully be operational by Friday. With possibly the 1st guests announcements sometime shortly after that. We have also heard that there will be VIP tickets available this year.

So what could this all mean?

The Date change….in the previous 2 years LSCC has been at the end of February. I know with these situations that you get 1st option on the next year, BUT LSCC have changed dates completely and moved it to March. Why you may ask? Well maybe one of their guests couldn’t make Feb, when I mean guests. I mean a Jim Lee, a Brian Bendis or Robert Kirkman sort of person. Someone that you could warrant changing the dates.

LSCC 2014

VIP tickets – who for? The last VIP tickets were for Stan Lee…. who for this time and what can they let me do?

They are not up against much from America that weekend. 2 Conventions that weekend one in Kansas and the other in Kentucky. So for inviting guests, I think they would prefer a trip to London. The following week in Mega Con in Florida, so no clash there.

Guess we wait and see what happens Friday.