We have had a few emails concerning whether there will be a 3rd London Super Comic Convention, loads of questions as well, answer is yes according to their website.

“2014 Dates to be announced soon

New Web Site Design Underway

A new web site is being designed and should be operational in July, when we will start listing creators for the 2014 event.

You can look forward to a London Super Comic Convention bigger and better than ever.

LSCC Logo London Super Comic Con Logo

So there we have it, there will be a 3rd LSCC. People have asked “Do we know when it is happening?” and I can tell you if it does, it will be sometime between January 2014 and December 2014. That is a specific as I can be. As the above statement says “2014 dates to be announced soon”

Assumptions we can probably make with the history of having 2 LSCCs already. If we have a look at the 2 guests list from 2012 and 2013 we can probably assume a few guests already

George Perez to return

Emanuela Lupacchino

Carlos Ezquerra due to him not arriving this year, thanks to a Spanish strike. This is a total guess.

John McCrea

Guillermo Ortego

Esad Ribic

Elias Chatzoudis and Yannis Roumboulias will come with Andreas from www.comicworld.gr.

Please do not take these names as gospel, these are assumptions based on the previous 2 years, we could add the names of the regulars on the UK scene but we all know them anyway.

The big question is who new is coming, LSCC like to mix it up and have fresh faces as well as fans favourites.

Who would comic conventions put on their wish list? We technically me.

Scott Snyder great guy and would be well over a year an a half since he last came to the UK.

Jim Lee, last year he said he was too busy to make LSCC 2013 but gave an inclination that maybe 2014 could be the year. I do hope so for the UK fans sake. I have met him a few times and watched him sketch at a talk on the DC booth and WOW.

Robert Kirkman, now this one would be superb, I would hate to see the lines for his signature.

JRJR just because.

Again I could go on and add many more names but lets wait and see what LSCC announce.