LSCC 2016 will be bigger and better than this year with preliminary dates announced in March for a fun packed 5 day event. Yes 5 day event.

The guests that have confirmed to attend have never been to the UK recently, and according to our source some have never been at all. The names were not mentioned to us unfortunately.

We have been given exclusive insider information that for the 1st time on UK soil Marvel Studios will be attending and will be holding a special screening of Captain American Winter Soldier Civil War, a full 2 months before its release in the cinemas, assuming that May 2016 is still the release date. There was also a mention of some cast members possibly attending for this special screening, and even the director.

Other exclusives will follow in the form of Hasbro attending, bringing with it some UK only exclusives, FUNKO POP! will also be attending in some capacity.

The event will take the form of a previews night on the Wednesday followed by 4 full days, just like San Diego.

So get ready for what will the con of the year. And massive thank you to Paige Turner our highly reliable source.

Thanks for April Lafirst for writing the article.