Well VIP tickets are now sold out….. the largest collection of comic talent is soon to descend on Excel.

Complete list of guests so far

Peter David
Dave Gibbons
Peter Milligan
Jonathan Ross
Ethan Van Sciver
Michael Dialynas
Ian Edginton
Robin Furth
Mike Grell
Gianluca Gugliotta
Peter Hogan
David Lloyd
Paolo Pantelena
Marco Santucci
Steve Scott
Mark Texeira
Billy Tucci
Max Brooks
Jacen Burrows
Neil Edwards
Lee Garbett
Andy Lanning
Yanick Paquette
Jamie Tyndall
John Watson
JK Woodward
Chrissie Zullo
Ian Churchill
Katie Cook
Alan Davis
Mark Farmer
Adi Granov
Roger Langridge
John Layman
Dan Slott
Tom Palmer
Brian Wood
Arthur Adams
Charlie Adlard – Signing at A place in Space table throughout the weekend.
Mark Buckingham
Howard Chaykin
Joyce Chin
Frank Cho
Mike Collins
Gary Frank
Sean Phillips
Chris Weston

List of Publishers

Archaia Entertainment
Avatar Press
Boom! Studios
Panini Comics
Titan Comics
Zenescope Entertainment

1st major convention of the season.

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