LSCC…The Aftermath Interview

It took everyone so long to recover from the behemoth that was the London Super Comic Convention that only now do we bring you the interview with the organisers!  It can’t be denied that, for a first convention, it was pretty much a resounding success and really can only be bigger next year with even better guests.   The interview certainly aludes to something bigger that may well attract the likes of the big two, particularly if the reputation of this event made it across the pond as well as early thoughts suggest.

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CC: We all hoped it was going to be the best and you didn’t disappoint.  What was the highlight for you?

The highlight for me was the artist alley, all those artists sketching and signing, seeing them at work and chatting with creators and fans, frankly wish I could have spent the entire weekend there.

CC: Apart from Stan, who was you most proud of bringing over?

Tough question, it took a lot of work to get as many comic book creators as we had a the show and we hope to get more next year. It’s hard to single anyone out as they were all great and a real pleasure to meet them.

CC: In light of some feedback from attendees, will next year expand into popular culture or are you strictly “comic book”?

We are a comics show and we want to focus on comics, there are other “comic conventions” that focus on other popular culture and we’ll leave that to them.

CC: What’s the best comic you own?

My favourite comic is Thor 380, I loved Walt Simonson art, still do. Used to read a lot of mythology as a child and Thor battling the Midgard Serpent with each page a splash page blew my mind when I was younger, and still love that book. Favourite of the current crop is Wonder Woman by Azzarello and Chiang, although I suspect Saga by Vaughan and Staples may overtake that as the first issue was great.

CC: The focus is always on “The Big Two”.  Well done on IDW though, do you have any plans to bring Image?  Dark Horse?  Any others next year?  Who would you like to see come over?

Yes there hopefully will be others next year, can’t say anymore than that at present.

CC: Has there been any feedback from DC or Marvel?  Any indication that they would be interested in such an event?

We are talking to them, we’ll see what happens.

CC: Rumours abound that Bob Layton has never made so much from a convention.  Do you intend to use this as a selling point to attract even more overseas talent next year?

Bob wasn’t the only one. Most exhibitors and creators including small press were extremely happy, I put it down to the fact that we focused on comics and everyone attending was a comic fan.  I suspect we won’t have trouble attracting more creators, as word has already started to get out and we are in discussions with creators already.

CC: Organisation wise it felt really comfortable but it was felt more could be made of events.  Is this something you would like to pursue?

Yes we want to make more of the show, after all it was our first one and we had many lessons to learn, and hopefully we will improve the show, have a wider variety of events. We are starting early this year to try to get things organised.

CC: Do you have any personal plans to attend any more of the UK conventions?

Yes going to Bristol, maybe Kapow (not sure, depends what mood I’m in), New York, will aim for Thought Bubble this year.

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And that’s it.  Many thanks to the organisers for the interview and we will definitely see you next year!