Well seems that MCM Expo smashed another attendance record. As we reported a few months ago, to even enter the excel you would need a ticket. So this can be the obvious reason why the increase.

It cant be the fact that they called it a “Comic Con”, hmmm sounds like someone is trying to be the UK San Diego.

Just a small lesson in history.

SDCC was found in the 1970, it was a one day event and centered around COMICS……its history reflected comics and thus has used the name comic con since the very beginning.

MCM recently changed its name to COMIC CON, for reasons unknown to us, not much thought goes into the comic aspect of MCM. Yes they have increased the floor space for the artists, but if you have the audacity to put COMIC CON after your name then get some real top comic creators.

I would hazard a guess that 95% of the artist represented at MCM actually have to pay for their table, rather than be invited.

For me a comic convention punter and comic lover I find it insulting that it is called a comic con. When honestly he doesnt have much to do with it.