The MCM Comic Con takes place across the country, several times a year. And we’ve often felt it lacked on the “Comic Convention” side. This year it was a little bit of a different story.

Due to the nature of MCM, we’ll be breaking it down into four sections; comics, cosplay, films and games.


In “films” we’ll include signers, TV guests and film guests.

MCM always have a lot of signers, some charge and some don’t, and that can be anywhere between £1-25 in my experience. But this year, their star guests (In my opinion) was actually free. Including Edgar Wright, Mark Meer and Shinichiro Watanabe. These are from three different media, which opens up MCM to more people, without making them pay more.

There was a large amount of signers this year, although two were listed as “Coming soon” even after the convention. Some people have mentioned on the forum that they were waiting to hear who they would be, I think one was Derek Lyons.


In “cosplay” we’ll look at the cosplay and the stalls/shops.

At MCM a huge amount of the guests cosplay, there were some amazing ones this year (As there is every year).

There were loads of shops, and something for everyone. The comic shops were small again, but the guest line up was much better. There was a few action figure shops and card shops too, which helped to bulk it out for comic fans.


MCM had the Deadpool game open for the general public to play for the first time. However despite having talks on The Last of Us, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, and Lego: Marvel Super Heroes they weren’t actually playable.  But the talks were very engaging and interesting.


People who read this likely already have sketches from the guests, but MCM really seemed to try a little harder this year. They always tend to focus on small press which I actually admire; giving small press comics a chance in a big convention is really important for the industry and upcoming artists and writers.

Boo Cook was taking in free commissions, but also taking donations for charity.


MCM has been growing constantly, but the comic side still feels a little weaker than the other genres, however it’s clear that with guests like Edgar Wright that MCM will continue to grow and pull in more interest from comic fans.


I held a charity cosplay at MCM, please consider donating here.