Well MCM Expo or Comic Con, whatever you want to call it, arrived in London last weekend. I visited on both Friday and Saturday and just couldn’t take it for another day on Sunday. What can I say about this renamed comic con. Well seems to me that they are trying to copy Comic-Con in San Diego. Having done a bit research the trademark Comic(dash)Con is registered, but Comic(space)Con is not. And in my opinion MCM Comic Con fails miserably in a comic capacity.

There is no balance to the MCM, there were 2 TWO vendors selling comic back issues. The rest were selling anime and manga paraphernalia, plus a few selling weapons. The comic village that was there consisted of a few regular names, and small press. I don’t have an issue with small press we promote and buy a lot of their comics, BUT I refuse to buy some home made coloured paper comic that people have made in their shed. If you are going down the route of self published then please do it properly. In all pretty bad showing from MCM on the comic aspect of things.

If you are into comics I would suggest you skip this con as it does not cater for comic fans.

If you like manga, anime and video games then great, they have those covered and very well covered. I truly believe as well that cos players out numbered non cos players.


Manga, Anime, Video Games and TV/Film Personalities
Loads of vendors for Manga, Anime and Video Games
Party Atmosphere outside with all the cosplayers


No strength on the comic side
Isle and walkways too small, way too small to accommodate the amount of people, even San Diego is not this bad.

I could go on but really don’t want to waste my time with effort.

If someone from MCM Expo would like to contact us so we can ask a few questions maybe even organise the comic village for you, my email is dominic@comicconventions.co.uk, but as you don’t allow us a press pass, you wont read this anyway I wont be checking my email for one from you.