Exclusive Interview with the organizer of the Melksham Comic Con, Hayley. We asked her a few question.



Will it be a weekend like the Bristol Expo or a day event like Cardiff?

It’s going to be a one-day event, but it’s possible there will be other bits and pieces going on around town in the days leading up to it to encourage Melksham and surrounding towns to get in the spirit – this is still very much in the discussion stages right now.

Do you have any guests signed up, or at least in principle or early agreements? Are you mainly getting UK or USA writers artists…

We have a list of contacts that our committee have access to that we’ll be getting in touch with very soon and start getting a guest list compiled. As we are a brand new event, and we are a very small planning committee this is going to be a massive task, so news of guests will be announced as and when we get them. It’ll be great if we can get a good mix, so we’ll have to wait and see! It’s looking very likely that we’ll have a great selection of independent artists, writers and publishers too, so will be a good opportunity to meet upcoming talent!

An event like this is a big undertaking, do you have any help or sponsorship?

We’ve got a committee together planning everything that will be going on. We’re currently looking for sponsors in various forms, so if anyone is interested in helping out, please get in touch!

Long term plans…

The dream is for this to become an annual event that really puts the town on the map We may not be a big city and it may not be an event on the same scale as MCM Expo or London Film & Comic Con but this is a great opportunity to show people that a town can put on a convention just as well as the big guys!

And finally…why should we come and support you? What’s going to be different than any other convention?

The best bit about Melksham Comic-Con is that it’s taking place in a town, and not a city. Which means we all have a “local” mentality – it’s not just about welcoming people to Comic Con, it’s about welcoming them into our town as well! While we absolutely plan to have that “Convention” buzz about the place, it will also be packed with people who have local knowledge and experience and want to make sure that if you’ve travelled from further afield you enjoy your time here, and want to come back again!