Memorabilia and Birmingham Comic Con 2012


There are good reasons why the Memorabilia has become as popular as it has and this years first outing for the show highlights exactly why.  The one thing that we genuinely love about the show, is its really broad appeal. It’s actually come a long way since we visited the very first event in 1994 and is much more encompassing and feels better organised, planned and paced.  The crowd is always great and really makes the event feel like a truly inclusive happening.  This provides an excellent backdrop for what is a really good day out, especially for the always reasonable entry fee.  So you are a sports fan?  Then the attraction of the huge Riddick bowe or the truly great Steve Davis would have provided an excellent draw.  Like TV shows and movies?  The amount of actors and actresses was as impressive as ever boasting the likes of Colin Baker alongside Julian Glover on the bill.  The Walking Dead stars made an appearance along with the stars of the current hit movie, The Hunger Games.  The Robot Wars show was tucked away in the corner of the arena adding a nice nostalgic 90s touch to the show, you gotta love that show, surely?  The cosplay was, as ever with the MCM events, excellent.  The 501st seem to get bigger and bigger all the time and are so convincing they are really quite frightening.  Equally as impressive was the Predators on display.  Superb costumery, really impressive and sure to feature again and again at these shows we would think.

Strangely (particularly after the Kapow announcement) one of the most entertaining happening was in the form of the wrestling.  Those of you out there that are old enough to remember the likes of Big Daddy and Kendo Nagasaki on a Saturday afternoon couldn’t fail to be impressed with the FWA stars in the ring providing some excellent banter and fun moves.  This wasn’t your American fair, this was British and old school and we liked it.  A lot.

On the downside, we couldn’t really see what the Comic Con side of the event was aiming to achieve.  The name has caused some consternation with others involved in organising Birmingham comic shows and to be honest, felt tacked on to the event.  It didn’t need it and really didn’t benefit from it.  The artists alley was mainly small press which is great and something that we love, just that it’s done better at the less generic events and more comics focussed conventions and expos.  Good though to catch up with Lee Bradley and get a sketch from him (and buy him a sandwich and a drink of water and hot chocolate, gonna call that favour in I reckon…).

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To inevitably sum the event up, it was an excellent mixture of people and popular culture with a fantastic vibrant environment and an eclectic cast of cosplay superlatives.  Memorabilia we love, but not too sure on the comic con side of things.  Looking forward to the next one!

(p.s. this intrepid reporter in the furore of trying to get two kids ready forgot his camera, please help him out with any shots you have and can send to much appreciated)

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{becssg_c}0|101.jpg|Memorabilia|Build your own R2D2{/becssg_c}
{becssg_c}0|108.jpg|Memorabilia|An unlikely mix!{/becssg_c}
{becssg_c}0|113.jpg|Memorabilia|Two universes meet…{/becssg_c}
{becssg_c}0|118.jpg|Memorabilia|These aren’t the droids…{/becssg_c}
{becssg_c}0|119.jpg|Memorabilia|James and his lovely better half{/becssg_c}
{becssg_c}0|1141.jpg|Memorabilia|Darth and Boba{/becssg_c}
{becssg_c}0|103.jpg|Memorabilia|The General Lee{/becssg_c}

A special thanks to James (@panicatthejimbo) for the photos!