Embracing an international cultural diversity ethic The Birmingham Comics Festival is pleased to announce Irish novelist, Michael Carroll, nominated for an Eagle Award for his work on Judge Dredd, will be making a rare UK convention appearance at the event taking place on Saturday 18th April 2015.
A regular to the pages of both Rebellion Comics’ 2000AD and the Judge Dredd Megazine, Michael Carroll has also worked for Dynamite Comics in the USA, scripting the Jennifer Blood: First Blood series for Dynamite. As a novelist, comics fans are possibly most familiar with his superhero series The New Heroes (published in the USA as The Quantum Prophecy), but such is the diversity of his work that science fiction, fantasy and even romance books have all been penned by the award-winning writer.
“His very versatility as a writer ensured our interest in inviting Michael to be a guest,” said the festival’s organisers. “That he’s such a good writer meant that we made it our mission to ensure he agreed.”
The Birmingham Comics Festival looks forward to this unique opportunity of Michael Carroll being able to greet his British fans at the spring 2015 event, where he will be involved in signing sessions and talk show events discussing his published work and the craft of writing alongside his peers.

Michael Carroll Biography:

Michael Carroll joined the Irish Science Fiction Association in 1987 and was soon invited to become editor of their fiction magazine FTL. During the 90s he moved from being part-time to a fulltime writer, accruing awards for his short stories, as well as contributing to newspapers and magazines such as SFX and Albedo as time went on.

Turning his hand to novels, he has found further success with The New Heroes/Quantum Prophecy, a series revolving around the existence of superhuman beings and the problems of how they deal with their powers. He has also written books for younger readers, notably The Pelicos Trilogy that began with The Last Starship and as an author of romance written such titles as If the Shoe Fits under the penname of Jaye Carroll.

Initially contributing to independent comic anthologies such as Zarjaz and FutureQuake (now published in Birmingham), recent years have found Michael Carroll writing for The Judge Dredd Megazine, notably Tales From The Black Museum and the Judge Dredd lead feature, and 2000AD itself, contributing Future Shocks and becoming a regular scribe of Judge Dredd’s adventures therein. The results of this found him being nominated as Favourite Newcomer Writer in the 2012 Eagle Awards. He has also written the Jennifer Blood: First Blood series for Dynamite Comics in the USA, as well as adapting John Higgins’ creator-owned comic book character Razorjak into the novel format.

Michael Carroll’s writing has been translated into French, German, Italian, Swedish and Polish. He has also written plays for the stage and radio.