Midlands MCM Expo 2012 Review

Graced with a press pass and a few hours to kill before 50th wedding anniversary celebrations began in earnest (not mine you understand, although sometimes it feels like it…) I popped down to the Telford International Centre in time for the opening of the MCM Expo.

On first impressions, the convention looked a little sparse.  There was however no shortage of people waiting to get in.  In fact, to say it was popular would be an understatement, particularly as it’s never really going to compete with the likes of Memorabilia or an event like Kapow for many reasons, not least size.  Despite the fact I was on a strict timetable to get back to deepest Castle Bromwich, it wasn’t until on leaving the show I really appreciated the amount of people wanting to get in.  My advice for future events: get the early bird ticket!

There was plenty to look at and regale even the most casual visitor.  The Robot Wars arena was excellent, a real blast from the not so distant BBC2 past with a very well designed back area so you could really see what was going on.  Doctors Who’s TARDIS was in attendance along with the Delorean from Back to the Future with photo opportunities from both.

The comic side of the convention was a little lacking, we would have liked to seen some bigger names amidst the small press, not least as an attraction to get visitors into the area.  A personal thanks to the talented Tanya Roberts for the sketch though, I may be asking for a few more to go with it next time we meet up.  There was some small press giving it a good go though, Dr Geof was about and an interesting new arrival in the form of Mister Who who I have no doubt will become a fixture through an innovative multimedia approach to comics.

The biggest plus point about the whole event was fairly evident in as much as all else seemed reasonably irrelevant when next to it.  That was the cosplay that was prevalent.  There was some fantastic examples in evidence and some real thought and effort put in place before the event.  From Spider-Man through Mario and Luigi through Link and hundreds more besides, the cosplay just gets better and better.

For me the expo wasn’t about the comics.  Nor was it the memorabilia or the anime and movie related stalls.  Forget the interesting distractions of Marty’s transportation choice and even my personal favourite, Robot Wars.  Forget all of them because the expo was about the people.  It is an expo that will live and die by the spirit of those who buy the tickets, the casuals, the cosplayers the curious.  Combine that with the other aspects of the expo, easy parking, a central location and a very reasonable entry cost (ignoring the queues; get there early), and you have rather a potent combination.


{becssg_c}0||Midlands MCM Expo|Some random images from the Expo.{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020507.JPG|MCM Expo|The Hall{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020509.JPG|MCM Expo|The Back to the Future Delorean{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020510.JPG|MCM Expo|Popular pastimes{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020511.JPG|MCM Expo|The Hall{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020512.JPG|MCM Expo|The spirit of Streetfighter lives on…{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020513.JPG|MCM Expo|Robot Wars!!!! Yay!{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020518.JPG|MCM Expo|Spider-Man and Supergirl{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020519.JPG|MCM Expo|Jack Sparrow{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020520.JPG|MCM Expo|Random{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020521.JPG|MCM Expo|Random{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1020524.JPG|MCM Expo|Random{/becssg_c}