Here at Comic Conventions we have been informed of an opportunity to own a full figure NEAL ADAMS Batman Commission.

It consists of a raffle open to 30 people with the winning ticket, that Neal will pick at random and then finish off some line work on the commission.

There are nineteen places left out of thirty places available for those that want to try their luck at a full figure commission of Batman from Neal.

Any money left from all the entries will be donated to a charity of the winners choice.

Tickets for said raffle are £25.

Now you think ok, £25 maybe expensive, but consider this, to actually have one yourself it will cost you $1000, £25 to have a 1 in 30 chance to own this is a ratio that I myself as Editor of comic conventions wont be missing out on. So make it eighteen places left as I am in.

Any questions or to book your place please email and he will answer them for you.

Please note Comic Conventions is not the organiser of said event.

Picture is for illustrations purposes only and does not represent the final commission.