Neal Adams is appearing at LFCC in July and I have to question this choice of guest. He was recently over at LSCC in February and anyone in the comic con scene would have known this and attended this con.

Neal will probably be charging for his signature and will probably charge £10, yet at LSCC he had 2 signing slots where he signed for free. Hmmm pay £10 or already have some that were free.

I don’t really get it, I have no idea of the contract he has with LFCC, but if you are flying him over with his family,not cheap. If he thinks he will be busy I don’t think he will. Well not as busy as he was at LSCC.

He is a top name, and showing us the LFCC can get the top names, but personally they should have gone with someone that is hot. The likes of Kieron Gillen and Caanan White on Uber. Scott Snyder, if DICE can get Scott over how come LFCC, who has a bigger budget, not get him over. Joe Hill for Locke and Key the list goes for what is hot at the moment.

Guess we wait and see what the demand at LFCC and we will keep an eye on how busy he really gets.