Is there really much that can be said about the famous Warlock?  Well, yes there probably is.  I decided to go back and have a chronological read of the 2000AD favourite to see if it stood the test of time.  The answer is a resounding yes…and no.

One one hand, the art of Kevin O’Neill cannot be denied as a defining influence of the strip.  From the twisted to the downright surreal, this guys eye on the future was a style that proved much influential within the pages of 2000AD.  The revealing of the Warlock some time into the book only led us to anticipate what was inside that funny ship the “Blitzspear”.  Once revealed, it cannot be denied that a new and distinctive alien had landed, one that would not be forgotten.  Indeed, one that would burn into the memories of kids up and down the country.

On the other hand this was early Pat Mills and to an extent, it shows.   The stories aren’t bad, but you can’t help but think that the book was a lot of setup for later work.  Given when it was written, I suppose there was always the distinct possibility that every strip could have been the last and the weekly format means it can get a little repetitive replaying out what happened in the last panel of the last page.  This is always going to be the case though, getting used to it in advance helps.

Anyways, book 2 ordered!