Well, no-one could accuse me of being prolific I suppose! The site was going always to go one of two ways and in honesty, the downwards direction was probably the outcome due to far too many commitments for my alter ego to cope with.

I set up this site originally for two reasons.  The first one was to pull together all of the conventions in the UK and put them into a handy list.  In the main, it was because I kept missing them myself.  Sometime after the event, I would read a blog or see a tweet or overhear someone talking about a remarkable event that I somehow managed to miss entirely, so I thought, I’ll use my experience to start something up myself.

The second was for the want of a labour of love.  All of my other sites involve business and making money to pay the mortgage, I had nothing creative to put my time into despite having quite a few interests so I thought, “what’s the one thing that I really enjoy; the one thing that I can put something back into”.  The answer of course was comics.  Starting off with the typical comics like the Beano, Buster and Whizzer and Chips, I worked my way through Battle, Warlord and 2000AD before discovering American comics back in the 80s and despite a lull in the 90s when I had a serious falling out with the medium, I rarely find myself reading anything else.

Anyways, cutting to the chase.  Today heralds a new dawn for the site.  I shall still be about, but I am handing the general reigns over to Dom who has already shown a passion, enthusiasm and commitment that puts my own to shame.

So onwards and upwards, big welcome to Dom and hopefully you’ll bookmark us for all of the information relating to comic conventions and general comic interests in the UK.

This calls for hyperspeed…