It has been announced today, in lieu of the dates for LSCC 2017 being revealed yesterday, that the NICE convention for 2017 will not happen next year.

The organiser, Jeff Chahal, directly cites the new date by the LSCC organisers as the major factor in the decision in a statement on Facebook:

“Thank you all for your support, it’s very much appreciated.Thanks to everyone that’s just posted about the show. It’s nice knowing that so many of you have enjoyed NICE in the past. I would just like to clear up some stuff though. The show has been cancelled purely because of the date alteration by LSCC to the end of August and another large comic show due to move into the end of September. September is going to be a very busy month for comic fans and we have the already established Birmingham show ICE, and a number of ‘Comic Cons’ dotted around during September too.

Can I deliver a great quality guest list? Absolutely, no doubt in my mind of that! But, here’s the problem, with all those shows vying for your hard earned cash, the ticket sales across all the shows will take a hit. Attending artists will lose out and could lead to a substantial loss on our part too.

Many people have worked hard over the last five shows to build NICE into something we are all very proud of, and it’s more than just a business to me. NICE is something I love and I don’t want to see it crash and burn, so with all that in mind, we’re going to take a year out and look to 2018.

Thank you all for your support, it’s very much appreciated.”

This is certainly not good news for true comic fans, NICE is well established and focused genuinely on comic creators rather than film/TV stars or cosplay and had become a fixed date in the diaries of many.