NICE quickly approaches so here are some more details

Tickets will be available on the door and in both shops.

Panel listing as follows

Panel Time Length
Storytelling- A meeting of mind with Alan Davis 11.20pm 40 mins
Stormdogs With David Hine & Doug Braithwaite 12.30pm 40 mins
Panel to Screen with Greg Staples, Adi Granov & Charlie Adlard 1.30pm 40 mins
Jack Kirby Influences in modern comics with John Watson, Doug Braithwaite, Shaky Kane and Russell Payne from the Jack Kirby Museum 2.30pm 40 mins
Erotic Art and Censorship in Comics with Melinda Gebbie, Tony Bennett and Paul Gravett 3.30pm 40 mins
Alan Moore How to Write Comics and Q&A 6.00pm 120 mins

Panel Times (Sunday)

Panel Time Length
Drawing to create your own reality with Alan Davis 11.30am 40 Mins
Owning the Page with Doug Braithwaite, David Hine, Ian Churchill and Shaky Kane 1.00pm 40 Mins
Frank Bellamy a Retropect followed by a short film with Paul Holder. 2.00pm 40 Mins