I had the opportunity to talk with Nicholas Brendon, AKA Xander, on writing for his unforgettable character, the Buffy comics, season 10, Joss Whedon, acid-urine and his love for boobies!

Keeping it short and relatively sweet, here is what he had to say…


DB: It is kind of ironic that you were the most comical part of the show, and you have now, in one sense, become the comic-creator of the show! Do you feel you can bring more to the comic since being on the front-line with Buffy and co’ for so long?

NB: Yes. For 8 years I was Xander and he was me. That at least qualifies me more so to write for Xander.

DB: Since writing the comic, have you turned to any of the cast members for advice?

NB: I haven’t turned to any of the others for advice yet. I’ve been grasping at straws.

DB: How do they all feel about your involvement with the comic?

NB: OMG, they’re so jealous! (laughs)

DB: How does being a comic-creator compare to your career as an actor?

NB: It’s really apples and oranges. There’s not really a common thread other than both being Buffy related. They are both so different.

DB: You already believe that you and Xander share many similarities… What three defining qualities do you think you share the most?


  1. Love for boobies
  2. Love for boobies
  3. LOVE for boobies

DB: In your opinion, are there any real differences between TV-show Xander and comic-book Xander?

NB: Yeah, the dimensions of the characters. Comic book Xander has more responsibility and is trying to better himself.

DB: Are there any parts of the stories that you feel particularly proud of writing so far?

NB: There’s something coming up that I can’t talk about yet. But I’m really proud of it!

DB: How does working as part of a collective of creators affect how you choose to portray the characters and the stories?

NB: Whatever Joss Whedon says, I do. That’s about as collective as it can get.

DB: Which characters do you find easiest to identify with when writing them and why?

NB: Xander, obviously and Kid Giles, because I’m a bit of a kid. And sometimes Andrew and Anya, cuz I’m a little bit gay and a little bit of that kind of woman.

DB: How well do you feel you have adapted to working in such a different medium?

NB: Season 10 buffy is very true to the TV series. I didn’t write season 8, so I can’t speak for that. Season 10 is more focused on character development and emotions and how the characters get along.

DB: Christos Gage recently told us about how close your partnership was at Dark-Horse. How would you describe your work ethics as a team?

NB: Very close. Strong. Like bull.

DB: Finally, what would be your weapon of choice when facing the creatures of the night?

NB: My weapon of choice would be……acid urine.


DB: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me. We wish you all the best on your comic-adventures!

NB: Thank YOU so much!


Interview by Dylan Butcher 😀