some of the biggest names in the comic-book world have come together to produce this collective of stories all based on, and for the occupy movement. I had to do a little research myself, so for those with as little political knowledge as myself, basically this is an international protest movement against social and economic equality… And who better than the likes of Alan Moore and Ben Templesmith to support such a cause. “OCCUPY COMICS” is published by “BLACK MASK STUDIOS”, and it is the whole reason for their existence! All profits from the sale of this comic do go to all occupy related initiatives, so if you wanna support them then that is reason enough to get yourself a copy now… You can get yours here as I did: A place in space      … they are also the biggest supplier of comics on ebay .

There are a handful of very short comic strips, some are better than others, but they all represent the same subjects and touch upon the issues that the occupy movement stand for. Although this is not one of the best or even the most memorable of comics out there, it does have some slightly thought-provoking material within it. If you’re looking for a story from Alan Moore then you will be disappointed as there isn’t one, but he has put in a piece of writing which is longer than any of the comic-strips themselves, and it is probably the best thing about it. I enjoy reading any form of writing, comic or review by Moore, as he is a literary legend. His piece is primarily about how comic-books are pro-social, it is of course very entertaining, very informative and very humorous, packed full of real history and more depth than any of the comic-strips themselves. So if you wanna read this great article, then this is another good reason to grab yourself a copy. All the comic-strips are very well written too, I just feel that some of them could have gone into a little more detail, and I felt slightly let down to find them finish so abruptly, but then again this is to be expected when so many great artists and writers come together to fill so few pages!

occupy comics #1

The art is obviously varied, and this is actually quite refreshing as this is something that works in the comic’s favour. The 2 pages from Templesmith are as dark and nerve-shatteringly creepy as ever, the centrefold has the wonderful and powerful piece of art which was originally created for the movement in New-York, March 2012, of V posing as the matador against the bronze-bull! One of my personal favourites is the first instalment with art by Joseph Infurnari, the spaghetti western style sketches are simple but effective, and the lettering and speech bubbles are no different, they’re of few words but are also sketched by hand giving the whole piece a very authentic feel. The cover art is something special in itself too.


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