We are inundated with emails most days asking us whether we have thought about putting on a comic convention, after much debate we can officially announce “The Comic Conventions Convention 2014” aka CCC 2014. We have been busy most of  this year and last year making contacts with various trips to UK and USA conventions. We feel we have lined up an amazing line-up of your favourite artists and writers to ever grace the UK shores.

Marvel and DC will be bringing over their booths for the show along with a range of their own artists and writers. As well as hosting portfolio reviews.

A Massive Cosplay competition hosted and judged by some of the top professional cosplayers from around the world. With prizes ranging to free trips to USA and UK conventions to free professional photo shoots.

The CCC will occur over a 4 day period, which includes a Thursday night preview night with limited tickets available, followed by a VIP night. Then on Saturday we invite you to an after party at a top London night club. Free entry to those purchasing a 4,3 or Sat pass.

We have secured a secret location in London, exclusive offers with local hotels. We have also secured some very exclusive variants both comic and non comic merchandise. Exclusive Funko POPs only available in London, an exclusive Walking Dead Figurine of a new character that hasent even been introduced in the comic book or show.

In no particular order I release the 1st wave of guests that will be attending the inaugural CCC 2014.

For the 1st time ever

Charlie Adlard and Robert Kirkman together on english shores.

Jim Lee will be joined by Scott Snyder.

Alan Moore.

John Romita Jnr will be joined by John Romita Snr.

Jim Steranko

Frank Miller

Alex Ross

Mike Mignola

Walk Simonson

J.H. Williams III

Neil Gaiman

Jae Lee


Tickets will be available very soon to purchase.

Alan Moore has assured us that he will be signing Watchman.