Some of the photos that have appeared online from the Bristol Expo.


{becssg_c}0||Bristol Comic Expo|Some random images from the Expo held at the Ramada in 2011.{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|IMAG0400.jpg|John Mcrea|Spiderman sketch on coloured paper{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|IMAG0402.jpg|John Mcrea|The finished sketch{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|IMAG0404.jpg|Simon Bisley|Simon draws a slightly offensive image on the tablecloth and models it{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1010751.JPG|UK Garrison|A friendly trooper!{/becssg_c}

{becssg_c}0|P1010752.JPG|Simon Bisley|Simon shows a more human side (he then ate the child){/becssg_c}