London Film and Comic Con is one of a breed of ‘mega’ cons, a multi-faceted behemoth of an event that is a cornerstone of UK popular culture conventions.

Like many ‘comic’ conventions, the London Film and Comic Con includes a significant portion of TV and Film stars. Not sure what gave it away! There’s also a load of cosplay, gaming, and books, if you can believe it! The comic purists among you, however, will be happy to see a lengthy page of comic artists and writers on show. (shout out to Lee Townsend for tagging us in his pre-con commission tweets – go say hi!)

They’re also playing host to YALC! No, that isn’t an 80’s children’s TV show. There is absolutely no risk of being slimed*. YALC is the Young Adult Literary Convention. A con in a con, or meta-con, if you will. If you won’t, then it’s “a celebration of the very best young adult books and authors.
Not that comics or young adult literature need the support, but it is great to see them working together. The perception of comics as children’s entertainment is long gone, but seeing traditional literature and comic content side-by-side offers greater mobility for readers from one medium to the other.

If you like your action on the screen rather than the page, then maybe the film and TV content is more your speed! Luckily the LFCC has you covered! Head over to the guest list, and check out the reels and reels of film and TV stars on show! Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and iZombie seem to be popular this year!

…and finally, if books, comics, and movies lack the interactivity that you crave, the video gaming zone has all of action-packed, high stress content you need. Retro, modern, VR…not much to say really. If you’re into it, then check it out, and if you’re not, then DEFINITELY don’t check out the gaming content on our sister site *ahem* gaming content *ahem*.

Held on 27th – 29th July at Olympia London in Hammersmith, London Film and Comic Con covers comics, film and TV, gaming, cosplay, and the Young Adult Literary Convention. Tickets are on sale now.

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Feature Image courtesy Showmasters.

* We take no responsibility for impromptu sliming of any kind while at London Film and Comic Con. Slime-related incidents are the sole responsibility of London Film and Comic Con, and should be taken up with Showmasters.