We’re down to the wire with MCM Comic Con Manchester! Kicking off tomorrow, there are only a few Saturday and Sunday tickets left…so you better nab yours before they’re gone!

As with London Film and Comic Con, also taking place this weekend, MCM Manchester is a beast of a con. A quick glance at their homepage shows the sheer breadth of content, from movie starts to livestreamers, charcoal art to escape rooms.

You’ll catch me at the Comic Village. Whatever the naming convention is, I like to meet the artists and writers, to see them at work. Of course there are the industry vets like Gary Esrkine, having worked with Marvel, DC, Vertigo, Dark Horse etc. for the past 30 years, but I also like to meet artists and writers I’d never heard of before. Discover someone new.

It’s the same with the cosplay. I’ve never done it. Probably won’t ever have the time or talent, but seeing some literal show-stopping cosplayer walking through the con is a great pass time.

Speaking of passing the time, the main pass time of the event is undoubtedly the live stage. Where else are you going to see streamers and sorcerers alongside VR and voice actors? An eclectic mix! We’ll be tuning into the live stream for sure! Top of my list would be Wong (Benedict Wong) from Doctor Strange, Qrow (Vic Mignogna) from RWBY, and Phil LaMarr from everything!

I’m always exhausted by the end of these conventions, with so much walking, excitement dialed right up, and the inevitable pub session in the evenings, I feel like I need a month to recover…but it’s the comic con season, so roll on to the next con!

Are you heading to MCM Manchester, or is London Film and Comic Con more your speed? Let us know in the comments.
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