“Thanks to you we’re finally free. What good is freedom if we can’t do what we want?”….”We’re not free, we’re hiding on a f*#$!£# rooftop”!!… These are just some of the things said by two of the characters in saga chapter eleven; during a movie like scripting. From heated moments of pleasure and ecstasy to the very opposite, and humorous, realistic discussion between the slickly-inked cast members. Although I have not personally followed the series, it is as clear as crystal that it contains intensely personal journey’s for the individual characters being portrayed. Each and every one of them seem to have a very interesting story to tell, and obviously have a history that is just as important to the plot, as well as to each other. Everything ties together in the end, even though the story flashes through different points in time, the characters come together to give a real sense of past, present and future.

The story has been cleverly woven together by Brian K. Vaughan, and it’s pace and timing is on point too, ironing out all creases to give us a crisp, smooth reading experience. Aimed at an adult / more mature audience, Saga has no holds barred, which gives it a lot more freedom to focus on aspects that you might not necessarily see in other fantasy comics… and it does have a very keen approach to sex and colourful language, which works in it’s favour of course!


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Space and time are important factors to take on board when reading this comic, the whole thing has got sci-fi / fantasy plastered all over it, and it does justice to it’s genre without a doubt.

With Fiona Staples behind the clean cut artwork, it is this very style that suit’s the comics entire aura.

I’m a fan of horns in comics, whether they be on hellboy’s head or otherwise, and this comic’s got them, so that alone scores a point in my book! One of my favourite characters is “lying cat”, as it has the look and feel of a wise old, ancient Egyptian feline, and the look of a very large hairless cat, whatever you’ve got to say about lying cat… it’s full of character! And Fiona has done a wonderful job in capturing the characters… well, capturing, their characters!! Throughout the story, from the dreamy to the downright moody and all in between… Personality is clearly something that Fiona Staples excels in, she must be a very vigilant artist. She also sets the mood very well with use of colour, and it all dances in rhythm, with Brian’s writing skills. Lettering is clear to read, as are the panels and layout.

I think the letters to Image comics is a nice touch to the back of the comic, and makes for extra reading material, which is also good after reading the actual story, while your brain ticks over about what you’ve just read, and what might happen next! Etc.. etc.. Also the checklist page with all of Image’s recent comic issues with pictures of the front covers as well as their titles to scan over.

Saga, chapter eleven is a beautifully crafted piece of fantasy / sci-fi comic book history in the making. A thoroughly enjoyable reading experience.

By Dylan”montu”Butcher.





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