The more issues of SAGA that I read, the more I can see what all the fuss is actually about and why it is such a brilliant comic for our time. Image has brought us another enthralling series and this is certainly one to watch, there’s no doubt in my mind why it’s an Eisner award winner either and it is well worthy of its title. ..

There are numerous humorous-panels that catch you off guard, the best thing about them being how unpredictable they are and its moments like these that make this comic all the more amusing to read. SAGA has a great way of turning a plot that is so other-worldly into something as down to earth as Eastenders! (Although thankfully the timing is at a much more entertaining pace, so there is no risk of dozing off mid-chapter!) The characters are all dealing with issues that may seem familiar to you and it is without a doubt the thing that gives it such mass appeal. “The Will” has yet to change his clearly explosive ways, and while Marko is still mourning the loss of his grandad, he and Alana, Hazel -their newborn baby-, oh and his mum Klara, are off on a mission across the galaxy to find the author D.Oswald Heist in the hope that he is able to enlighten them on there journey. There are some new characters in this chapter, which is always a good thing when you are given such a personality rich story, and we’ve got both writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples to thank for that, because it is their joint effort that has given us such a uniquely strange yet beautiful comic in the first place.

saga chapter 13 cover

The series miraculously continues to maintain its magical ambience throughout all of the soap-like scripting and adult content, and I put that down to the interestingly-odd variety of high-quality creatures which we have not seen the likes of since Mike Mignola gave us HellboyMr Heist (the author who Marko and Alana are in search of) is depicted on the cover as the cyclops who is examining baby Hazel with his one eye. In the background there is a lighthouse, the light shining so blindingly from the top could be symbolically representing that the characters will find what they are in search of after-all, but on the other hand could this chapter just be a way of distracting us from more sinister conclusions? –blinding us from the truth, so to speak– Let’s hope we all get to find out the answers we are looking for soon…

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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Writer: Brian K. Vaughan                                 Artist: Fiona Staples

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