After the successful outing of their first convention in Edinburgh, Hero Conventions have taken the initiative to re-brand their Something Bl**dy Awesome (SBA) event as Edinburgh Comic Con.

The initial steps to implement the name change took place before the inaugural event. However to avoid confusion, the full rollout of the rebrand was held back until after the “SBA” convention.

However, within 36 hours of wrapping things up, the official rebrand was unleashed upon the world.

James Lundy had this to say on the matter:

“Reasons behind the name change are very simple. It’s a much more family friendly name for a comic con held in Edinburgh by people from Edinburgh.”

Indeed, it appears that many attendees who recommended the name change beforehand were delighted when reading the announcement on the event’s Facebook page.

Martin Gray posted the following:

“That’s better! SBA is horrible branding! Get the location in there, and make it a name kids can say without getting a clip around the ear!”

For the moment, on some material the SBA logo remains loosely attached to Edinburgh Comic Con. This will be phased out following a planned transition period ensuring full public awareness and will completely disappear in a few months.

The plan is, if you were at SBA 2014, you will always be able to tell your grand kids that you were there from the start and you saw it all.

SBA is Dead – Long live Edinburgh Comic Con!