Every so often you come across a comic with depth and meaning, a comic which actually gets us, the real-people and taps into our basic needs to be free from the chains of the system; and this is one of those very special, once in a life-time type of comic-books…

Created by Brian Micheal Bendis, who has shown us that he is more than capable of creating his very own one of a kind super-comic with publishers ICON, really has broken the boundaries with this one! Scarlet is a down to earth girl who most of us would find it easy to relate to. She has been wronged by the government and has chosen to fight back, her character has got to be likeable in order for the story to work because although she has become a murderer she has done so for all the right reasons and has got the undivided attention of the people, who are willing to back her all the way on her mission of rebellion, protest and justice! And Scarlet will stop at nothing to achieve her goals.

The story is so well written that each and every piece of dialogue is golden; the characters, their voices and their intentions are all so clear it’s as though you are watching them converse in person. Each scene rolls into the next effortlessly all the way through until the end of issue seven at which point you are begging to find out what happens next! Scarlet even talks to you directly, with the use of square dialogue balloons you will notice her cleverly narrating her story to you even as the action is going on in the same caption. Even the use of SFX is subtle and only used for your typical everyday sounds, such as police-sirens, which of course are imperative to the plot in the same moment you hear them fly by. You will be able to relate to the art, just as much as you can with the characters and the plot itself, it’s not like your typical ‘Marvel’ comic for example, It’s actually highly artistic in every sense of the word. By that I mean there is a passion behind its pages that you don’t often see in mainstream comics, and Alex Maleev has expressed Bendis’s ultimately rebellious vision in a way that works in perfectly chaotic-harmony with it. The water-colour effects add even more realism, and every brush-stroke seems to serve a purpose much like the red-haired hero and leader of the people does with every course of action she takes in order to make the world a better place.

scarlet #7 cover

I can’t wait until this is all said and done so that I can buy this enthralling story in graphic-novel form, -which it truly deserves to be printed in! – from “A place in space“, and add it to my collection alongside the likes of “V for Vendetta” and “Watchmen”!

By Dylan Butcher. 😀

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Writer and creator: Brian Michael Bendis                      Artist: Alex Maleev

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