Sci Fi Scarborough returns for a welcomed second year to the beautiful Victorian Scarborough Spa over the weekend of Sat 14th & Sun 15th March 2015.

Building on the back of last years success, SFS promises to bring you more of what you loved the first time round and a whole lot more than you would expect.

So for all you fans of Comic Books, Cosplay, Manga, Anime, Fan Films, Props, Guest Signers, Guest Panels, Authors, Artists and the million other things that make you geek out, head to SFS in 2015 for a weekend of geeky madness with cheaper ticket prices!!!

‘Per Fans Pro Fans’

Facebook: Sci Fi Scarborough Twitter: @scifiscarbs #scifiscarbs Website:

Weekend Tickets
£27.50, £13.75 (Ages 5-16), Under 5s Free

Day Tickets
Saturday (inc Party): £17, £8.50 (Ages 5-16), Under 5s Free
Sunday: £13, £6.50 (Ages 5-16), Under 5s Free

Saturday Party Only (9pm-2am): £5

Guests of Honor

  • Virginia Hey (Road Warrior/Mad Max 2/Prisoner Cellblock H/Farscape)
  • Paul Blake (Greedo in Star Wars)
  • Shane Rimmer (Voice of Scott Tracey in Thunderbirds)
  • Pam Rose (Leesub Sirln – Star Wars/Space 1999/Superman/Batman)
  • Andrew Lawden (Star Wars The Phantom Menace – Jedi stunt double)