This little “convention” seemed to spring out of nowhere, held in Wallasey spaceport (Yes, there’s a spaceport there apparently!) I’m willing to go anywhere with the promise of Star Wars. So I packed my bags and jumped on a train and went straight there.


Originally Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar) was going to attend but sadly he had to cancel. This however, does not mean that it wasn’t an awesome day!

We arrived to be greeted by a Storm Trooper, as we walked in we looked to the right, a Yoda statue stood proudly defending the door, then shortly Jeremy Bulloch greeted us “Nice hair, is it natural?” (I have pink, blue and green hair for those of you who haven’t met me at a convention yet.) and took us around to the back room for our interview (Which you can find on the interviews tab!)

Then we went inside, the 99th Garrison had some lovely props on display

(Thanks Neil Livsey for the picture.)

There was a few signers, Jeremy Bulloch obviously (Boba Fett)

Chris Muncke (Captain Khurgee)

Richard LeParmentier (General Motti/ Conan Antonio Motti)

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Because the convention was small and relaxed you really got the time to talk to them, they were all brilliant. And Richard LeParmentier likes Hobgoblin! (The beer.)

After chatting for a good while we hopped into a Star Wars Workshop, it was perhaps the most surreal thing I had ever seen.

The 99th Garrison and Mint Imperials were talking about the costumes, and encouraged the audience to ask questions. Including “Did you go to the toilet in your costume?”

Then they did “Jedi Mind Tricks” where the audience got to ask the Stormtroopers to do things like River dance, we were shocked no asked them to hump, but there were kids so I guess I can see why.

Some of the audience tried on the armour, and some special armour for kids!

Then some of the youngsters showed their lightsaber skills, I bet Star Wars would have been very different with them in it.

The Work Shops were so popular that they even put on an extra show! There was a little stall ran by Star Wars super fan Neil Livesey.

We hope to see this again next year, it was brilliant.



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