Well SDCC 2013 is over for another year and each year it seems to get better. I tried to take it slower this year but still managed to walk some 30+ miles. Being that I went over for the comics, I managed to get to meet a massive variety of artists and writers, to name a few in no particular order.

Robert Kirkman (again), actually bet him £5 that we wont see him in the UK any time soon, which he replied “Looks like you owe me £5”, Stan Lee, JR JR, Len Wein, J Scott C, Tony Moore, Max Brooks, Jonathan Ross, Travis Beacham, Brian Bendis, Kevin Eastman, Tim Seeley, Tony Daniels, Joe Quesada and Joseph Rubinstein. I made new friends and met up with old ones.

One of the biggest stories to come out of San Diego was the Batman Superman movie. I have discussed the easter egg that was placed in the Man of Steel movie with friends, most dismissed this.


from Collider.com

I will let the likes of bleeding cool report on what happened in panels etc and any news that came out of San Diego. If you havent been there before I suggest you start saving as it is well worth the effort.