We posted not too long ago about a small event in Liverpool called the “Comic Strip Weekend” a small signing and sketch session with Andy Lanning and Anthony Williams, we also mentioned it clashed with N.I.C.E. The coverage for N.I.C.E can be found by following this link! But, this is obviously our coverage for the smaller event in Liverpool.

The event consisted of two major parts, obviously the signers. But also the interesting talks held (Talks plural as in the same talk, but repeated.) The talks were really informative, and really interesting. It was a unique blend of education and fun. And the kids seemed to love it, this is clearly an effective way to get information across.

We’ll start by looking at the two artists, (We have two interviews with them to show you!) But they’re currently pending. I stated in my run up article that these events allow you to get closer to the artists, and this is true it’s a lot easier to talk and chat.

However, they were very, very busy. (I took that picture on their break, which is why it looks empty) They did everything they could to chat to the guests, and they did pretty well with it! Even with my lingering around them like a shadow, firing questions whenever I could! Andy and Anthony began taking names of people that wanted sketches, along with what they wanted and the poor pair ended up dedicating themselves to around 30 sketches each. I have to say, I rarely see artists sketching so frantically to ensure no one missed out. They also had some very cheap original comic pages on sale, I saw a few for £15, which we all know is a damn fine price. I’m intending to grab a Ghost Busters one soon!

The event proved to be very popular, I spoke with a few people and they said they didn’t even know it was on and just turned up for a day out, but ended up calling in other people to have a look! As you know, this is an event that’s not much like a big convention, it’s a small day out, but it’s cheap to get in, and the sketches were free, so it was certainly worth the small fee of entry.

The entry fee also allowed guests into the talks about super hero powers in reality, they looked at all sorts. Sadly I didn’t record it! They looked at things like the kind of metal that would be used to create a wolverine skeleton, and what the chances are of getting spider webs that can actually carry people, oddly enough that’s looking a bit more realistic!

The event was really successful, and it’s clear there’s demand in Liverpool for a bigger scale comic convention. They also ran a small competition, the prize was a framed piece of comic art! Here’s a picture of the winner with Anthony Williams.

The artists were also kind enough to donate this comic page for charity, as well as a HULK sketch. The judge fear poster and Rocket Raccoon are mine though! While I didn’t walk out of here with a pile of signatures and sketches, I didn’t actually pay for anything, so this event was great!